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Kestrel 100mm uPVC Cladding Our uPVC Cladding Boards are designed to last and protect your home for years, we have two different manufacturers of uPVC Cladding Boards, namely Kestrel and Freefoam plastics. Both Kestrel and Freefoam uPVC Cladding Boards are 5mts long and are ideal for new build or refurbishment work where you want to replace your old wooden Cladding. Sizes / Types available: 100mm Open ‘V’ Joint / 150mm Shiplap Cladding Colours: White, Woodgrain, Sherwood, Blackgrain, Rosewood Kestrel 150mm uPVC Cladding Boards 100mm Open ‘V’ Joint Cladding 150mm Shiplap Cladding Kestrel's cladding systems can be fixed vertically, horizontally or diagonally and are available in three styles: Shiplap with 150mm coverage, V-joint with 100mm coverage and our NEW Kavex 150mm and 300mm textured cladding range. The Shiplap and V-Joint system is available in all white and woodgrain colours whilst the Kavex textured cladding is available in White, Sand and Cream. 3005 - 300mm Hollow Soffit Cladding Board 300mm Hollow Soffit