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SILICONE SEALANT - Specialist Building Factors are stockists of Bond-IT and Soudal silicones, adhesives & fillers. Our premium range silicone is a neutral cure, low modulus silicone, branded under our own label, GT-1000. Colours we carry are: White, Brown, Bronze, Clear, Toffee, Rosewood, Black, Grey, Buff, Ivory - (colours not available in all types) 2 Ply Paper Rolls 2 Ply Paper Rolls 2 Ply Paper Rolls PAPER ROLLS  -  Our paper rolls are ideal for cleaning uPVC windows, doors and glass. They are supplied in packs of 6 or can be supplied individually. They are 2 ply and are very durable. They are ideal for our cream & solvent cleaners. Bond IT uPVC Cream Cleaner uPVC CLEANERS - We offer two types of uPVC Cleaners, the first is a uPVC cream based cleaner, you could compare the application of cream cleaner to car polish. You first rub it on, let it work for 15 minutes and then polish off to a high gloss finish. The second, is uPVC Solvent Cleaner, this is a liquid solvent based formula which is just applied with a clean dry rag or tissue and then allowed to dry. For stubborn stains and really in-ground dirt our recommend would be the solvent cleaner. Both products are supplied in 1LT plastic containers. Trade Pro - uPVC Solvent Cleaner Silicone Sealant from Specialist Building Factors COSMOFEN PVC CLEANER - We sell two types of cosmofen cleaner. Type 10 - Very aggressive, dissolves the top layer of the PVC. Should only be used on hard profile, e.g. frames and under no circumstances should it be used on foils. Type 20 - A general purpose cleaner, not as aggressive as type 10, but will clean grease and pencil marks. Cosmofen 10 and Cosmofen 20 Solvent Cleaners Bond IT Logo Soudal Logo GLASS CLEANER - Our Glass Cleaner is supplied in 1LT plastic containers, it is a fast acting, non smear cleaner. It comes supplied in boxes of 12 but can be split as required. Why use our glass cleaner? Fast Acting Non Smear Removes tough grime from glass, fast. 1LT Trade Pro Glass Cleaner Wonder Wipes - Cleans Virtually Anything Wonder Wipes - Cleans Virtually Anything MULTI USE WONDERWIPES - These hand wipes really are wondrous, they will clean virtually any material from your hands, tools & surfaces. Will clean: Hand Held / Gun Foam Silicone Sealant Caulk Oil Grease Bitumen It is users responsibility to test a small area first to ascertain suitability.