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Coloured Acrylic / Perspex Sheets We carry a large range of PVC Sheets & Acrylic sheeting. Our PVC sheets are 2mm thick and are available in one size of 8’ x 4’, they are of a gloss finish and can be fixed using dry rivets, silicone or No Nails. ~ Features and Benefits ~ Easy to thermoform, bend and fabricate ~ Excellent chemical resistance ~ Resistant to chemicals; durable in corrosive environments ~ Highest fire rating and self-extinguishing ~ Glossy or matte surface ~ Excellent electrical and thermal insulation ~ High impact strength ~ Weather resistant ~ Complies with international standards ~ Easy fabrication ~ Non toxic PVC Sheets / Acrylic Sheets / Perspex Sawing Machining Thermoforming Drilling Bonding Welding For both band and circular saws use blades with a minimum tooth set, and about 8 to 10 teeth per inch. Prevent overheating by feeding slowly. Use low machining speeds for turning and shaping, and assure free removal of machining chips. Between 130°C and 170°C our PVC sheets  become formable and can then be formed, press moulded or blow formed. Use conventional drills, but be certain to remove free drill chips in order to avoid overheating of the sheet. Also, use slow rate of penetration. PVC Sheets can be bonded with conventional solvent based PVC adhesives. Extruded PVC Sheets  can be welded by hot-air welding process conventionally used for PVC. Fabrication We also carry a large range of Extruded Acrylic sheeting. Extruded Acrylic is a high quality sheet, which is more transparent than glass. Its inherent UV resistance makes it ideal for outdoor applications. Extruded Acrylic sheet can be formed, shaped, sawed and drilled. Over 90% Light Transmission, Inherently UV Resistant, Stronger Than Glass, lightweight Good Chemical Resistance. Our Extruded Acrylic sheeting (sometimes known as Perspex) comes in varying thicknesess. Most Extruded Acrylic is charged on a cut to size basis but some is only sold in full sheet sizes, please ask at the time of ordering. ~ Main Benefits ~ Applications ~ Highly transparent ~ Glazing ~ Excellent colour stability ~ Lighting ~ 10 year limited warranty ~ Noise reduction barriers ~ Half the weight of glass ~ Construction ~ Proven weather resistance ~ Signage ~ Thermoform well Acrylic Sheet Bradford