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Freefoam PVC-U roof trim products offer house builders, local authorities, developers and installers a low- maintenance alternative to conventional timber fascia and Soffit. In addition, Freefoam’s products are stylish, versatile and come in a large range of colours and designs to add style and definition to domestic and commercial buildings. Why use freefoam plastic building products Freefoam uPVC Building Products Freefoam Plastics Freefoam uPVC Box End Freefoam is a leading manufacturer of PVC-U and uPVC building products for Roofline and rainwater applications including a wide range of fascias, Soffits, rainwater systems,  external cladding and interior decorative panelling. The freefoam product range Freefoam has pioneered the manufacture of quality-approved, lead- free PVC-U and cellular PVC-UE building products for Roofline and rainwater applications. Freefoams comprehensive product range includes: Roofline uPVC Fascias and uPVC Soffits uPVC Cladding Systems uPVC Window Boards, Trims & Architraves uPVC Rainwater Systems Decorative Internal Panelling Plastop Range Of Plastic-Headed Fixings
Freefoam uPVC Soffit Boards Freefoam uPVC Fascia Boards All Freefoam products are designed to eliminate   costly, time-consuming maintenance. They are     resistant to acids, alkalis and other pollutants,        and, will not warp, crack discolour or blister Conventional building products need regular maintenance and eventually need to be replaced. PVC building products, on the other hand, are stylish, versatile, practically maintenance free, and are fast becoming the clear choice for both new-build and renovation What Is Pinking? Pinking is the term used to describe the costly discolouration of white uPVC cellular foam fascias and PVC-U ridged mouldings, which can occur some time after installation. The discolouration, characterised by a reddish tinge, can develop at any time but usually appears between two and five years after fitting, and more often on North-facing structures Fixing the problem usually involves removal and re- installation. Freefoam products are 100% lead-free and do not suffer from pinking. In-depth pinking article Freefoam ColorMax Technology Freefoam’s innovative Colormax™ technology provides ground-breaking colour variety, colour matching and colour- fastness. Freefoam ColourMax Black (BL) - Nearest Ral No. 9005 Freefoam ColourMax Leather Brown (LB) - Nearest Ral No. 8017 Freefoam ColourMax White - Nearest Ral No. 9003 Freefoam ColourMax Pale Gold (PG) - Nearest Ral No. 1013 Freefoam ColourMax Sable (SAB) - Nearest Ral No. 1015 Freefoam ColourMax Storm Grey (SG) - Nearest Ral No. 7045 Freefoam ColourMax Dark Grey (DG) - Nearest Ral No. 7015 Freefoam ColourMax Wine Red (WR) - Nearest Ral No. 3005 Freefoam ColourMax Regal Blue (RB) - Nearest Ral No. 5011 Freefoam ColourMax Rustic Green (GREEN) - Nearest Ral No. 6009
Colours shown are for availability identification only. Please ask for a colour swatch or product sample if exact colour matching is a requirement. Freefoam 20 Year Guarantee The freefoam Woodgrain Range Freefoam Black Ash (WGB) Freefoam Rosewood (WGR) Freefoam Mahogany (WGM) Freefoam Light Oak (WGO)