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Kestrel uPVC Fascia Boards Kestrel and Freefoam also manufacture a sculptured Fascia Board, we call these the K-Wave and K-Crest Fascia, again, available in 5mt lengths but limited to a single width of 200mm and is only available in White. The pictures show below are of Kestrels sculptured Fascia Boards. Our uPVC Fascia Boards are designed to last for years, we have two different manufacturers of Fascia Boards, namely Kestrel and Freefoam plastics. The Kestrel Fascia Board is 16mm thick, 5mts long and is ideal for new build or refurbishment work where you require a solid, gutter holding capable fascia board. The Freefoam equivalent is the same as above but slightly thicker at 18mm and with a slightly more rounded edge. Sizes available: 150mm, 175mm, 200mm, 225mm, 250mm, 405mm Colours: White, Woodgrain, Sherwood, Blackgrain, Rosewood (woodgrains - limited size range) Kestrel K Crest uPVC Fascia Boards Kestrel K Wave uPVC Fascia Boards On the Freefoam Fascia, notice the more profound rounded nose. K16 Fascia Boards Kestrel click to enlarge >>
Freefoam FFk16 uPVC Fascia Boards FFK16 Fascia Boards Freefoam