Remus Over Door GRP Canopy ~ Nero Dental Mould © Specialist Building Factors 2011 - All rights reserved - 9 Marsh Street, Bradford, BD5 9NE  
remus canopy Remus Shallow GRP Overdoor Canopy - GRP Canopies Flat, narrow overdoor canopy with a smooth roof and scalloped front. Available in colour options as below. GRAIN AT 15% EXTRA COST COLOUR OPTIONS Almost any other colours available at 15% extra cost ROOF COLOUR OPTIONS WHITE  BROWNS  TAN GREY TERRACOTTA NEW GRAINED EFFECT AVAILABLE IN ALL SHADES GRP Canopy - GRP Canopies GRP Canopy - GRP Canopies 1 2 3 155mm Variable upto 3000mm 230mm 4 5 6 Variable upto 2865mm 75mm 70mm NOTE:- Columns are  supplied as an optional extra nero fascia & dental moulding Decorative fascia boards and dental moulding, supplied in 2Mt lengths. Available in any colour on the RAL chart. 1 2 2000mm 250mm With Fascia 2000mm 60mm Without Fascia Nero - GRP Fascia and Dental Moulding GRP Canopy - GRP Canopies